DVADeluxe –.  DVADeluxe has the same DVD Authoring workflow as RocketDVD Professional and DVDShop along with the ability to produce MP4 (H.264 format) files that are referred to as “DVA” files.  DVA files are unique in that they have meta data embedded in them during the production process  (such as customers name, email address etc) that enables the Digital Video Archive site to automatically catalog the file once it's uploaded to the site by the DVA reseller.   Digital Video Archive (www.digitalvideoarchive.com) is a company that provides Cloud Storage and Archiving of personal videos.  Much like YouTube but with private sharing no public sharing (as with YouTube).  The Digital Video Reseller will purchase a DVADeluxe system to convert their customers videos to DVA format for a fee then upload the file to the DVA site where the customer will have access to the file for viewing and sharing.  As with DVDShop, DVADeluxe does not offer the “Live” or “On-Demand” features that RocketDVD Professional offers.  DVADeluxe includes the DVA file (MP4) capture as part of the product.  There are no Premium features available for DVADeluxe.

** All products offered including RocketDVD Professional, DVDShop and DVADeluxe have the ability to output DVD production to an automated DVD Duplicator.  Products currently supported include Rimage Disc Publishing Systems, Epson PP-100 and the Primera Bravo Series Duplicators.
  • Custom programming - Product enhancements developed on a per fee basis.
  • Hardware and Software service contracts - Extended warranties and Software upgrades.