DVDShop – an automated DVD Authoring, printing and burning package that uses both DV (firewire) and a live capture card (Osprey 210e) for video capture.  This product has a similar workflow to RocketDVD Professional but does not offer the “Live” and “On-Demand” options. Premium features available for DVDShop are as follows:

  • DVDShop-MP4 – This feature is identical to the feature offered in RocketDVD Professional for MP4 (H.264 format) video capture.  The user is able to customize the parameters for the file to their needs (within the limits of the encoder) and you can also add a first play video to the captured file if needed.
  • Manual Chapters - This feature allows the user to insert chapter points for the DVD as the video is being captured by hitting a key on the keyboard.  Once the chapter is inserted you have the ability to add text that will be displayed under the chapter marker on the DVD scene menu.
** All products offered including RocketDVD Professional, DVDShop and DVADeluxe have the ability to output DVD production to an automated DVD Duplicator.  Products currently supported include Rimage Disc Publishing Systems, Epson PP-100 and the Primera Bravo Series Duplicators.
  • Custom programming - Product enhancements developed on a per fee basis.
  • Hardware and Software service contracts - Extended warranties and Software upgrades.